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Picked Alamo up from his surgery yesterday! He got his loose screws removed… teehee. Thanks, Dr. Lo! (at Advanced Critical Care-Los Angeles)

This is what happens in the middle of the night at the Ace. (at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles)

@flyingindie and I hang out in her bathtub in the Ace Hotel. We’re cool. #bff #4lyfe (at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles)

Getty Museum / Sunshine and art converge / L.A.’s cultured side #2014ihc (with help from @flyingindie) (at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles)

Identity haiku: Just add a letter / arm and metal gymnastics / spelling out my name #2014ihc (at HD Buttercup)

Donut in the sky / sweet smells infiltrate my nose / delicious u.f.o. #2014ihc (at Randy’s Donuts)

A haiku for @smillangue & @flyingindie: Visitors are cold / winds whip through Beverly Hills / sun is almost gone #2014ihc (at Beverly Hills, California)

Haiku to honor @jonhatesyou’s aging and @b6421’s Snapchat documentation:
Cat onesie and beard / this is really happening / typical Austin

Durant reading room/ Please don’t wake me, librarian/ Literary dreams.
An emoji haiku contributed to #2014ihc by John Frank, my supervisor. (at Will & Ariel Durant Branch Library)

Curiosity / Homemade drone with flashing lights / Draws bystanders in. #2014ihc

A haiku for @klauber901: Friends since college dorms / now older and busier / ice cream makes us smile. #2014ihc

Waking up today/ I hit the snooze frequently/ I’m out of coffee #2014ihc (at Haus of Tzu)

Chinatown lights. (at Chinatown, Los Angeles)

A “modification” of the NOAH marketing campaign in Hollywood. (at Hollywood/Highland)

Friends forever - from drill team camp in 1999 to now. #tbt