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My time at Echo Park Rising was spent celebrating friendship, vegetarian food, great beer, mural art, and oh yeah, local music. #latergram (at Echo Park Rising)

Neither McQuay nor I appreciate Alamo’s insistence on waking up this morning. More bed, please? (at Silver Lake, CA.)

Alamo in thought. I blame his contemplation on this unseasonal rain. (at The Noble Tzu)

Channeling my inner Britney Spears with a 35 pound albino boa constrictor. (at Will & Ariel Durant Branch Library)

2 baby rats decided my work trashcan would make a great nest. Rodent rescuer/children’s librarian Marcie fought for (and got) a humane release. Cue rats of NIMH jokes. (at Will & Ariel Durant Branch Library)

Juice bars in Hollywood have a little more street cred. (at Open Source Organics)

Seeing a David Lynch film in a cemetery in Hollywood? Such a LA thing. (at Cinespia @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery)

A cloudy sunset over the Hollywood Bowl. Enjoying the jazz with @karialire & @roar_shack. (at Hollywood Bowl)

Note the old school Padres t-shirt. Native San Diegans FTW. (at Tea Station)

Last night’s wedding festivities for Yael & Josh — all located outside of Los Angeles Public Library. I never leave work behind, even when having fun. Mazel tov, friends! (at Los Angeles Public Library)

Young love. Fireworks. People watching at Grand Park. (at Grand Park)

My first night at the bowl in 2014? A Robyn and Royksopp dance-off with my best friends. (at Hollywood Bowl)

Let’s be real - breakfast is the real reason to watch the World Cup at 8am. Handsome footballers are just a bonus. #BRAvsCHI #food (at the village idiot, Melrose, LA, CA)

Tape gun divas. Handy with bubble wrap. Pretty to look at. (at Haus of Tzu)

Packing. McQuay doesn’t think this is funny. (at Haus of Tzu)