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Being a tourist in Venice. I see why folks like to hang out here. (at Venice Skatepark)

Eating ice cream. There’s a point to life. (at Scoops Westside)

Fancy hipster brunch for the LA tourist. @missbaileycool inhaled her breakfast after this photo. (at Sqirl)

My mailbox contained more than bills & junk mail this week; I received TWO lovely thank you cards. My people have really been there for me during this difficult month. <3 (at The Noble Tzu)

Special delivery from @armenianthunder at the YA Information meeting. Bittersweet; wish Marc was attending with me. Stupid sickness. (at Downtown Los Angeles Central Library)

I won the prize for knowing the most styles of mustaches at @karialire’s baby shower. I want to thank @jonhatesyou & other AFHC members for enlightening me over beer and whiskey. (at Glendale, California)

Best day. Touring breweries in Torrance with @celiiiiiaaaaa, @pbearatx, & @cdssc47. (at Torrance, California)

My face in this karaoke bar. When I stopped going to Ego’s, I lost my ability to deal with aspiring starlets/drunk folks. (at Caffe Brass Monkey)

You’re welcome. (at Melrose And La Brea)

Guest visiting @hunterorquarry’s front door last night. I almost didn’t knock for fear of disturbing him. (at 3517)

An unexpected night of music. Young Magic and Bear in Heaven for free courtesy of DoLA. It’s funny how the right intervention comes at a time of need. (at Echoplex (venue))

I think of @janegru each time I make iced coffee in my Toddy. Miss you. <3 (at The Noble Tzu)

I love my APO ladies! @marebear26 & @opilai have been great friends since 2004. And we are dim sum fiends. (at New Lincoln Seafood Restaurant)

Admiring my new Joey Spiotto Orange is the New Black print. I bought it in honor of my time at Durant. I dodged more than just pie during my year there. (at The Noble Tzu)

McQuay expresses his displeasure at my decision to read a book instead of playing with him. (at The Noble Tzu)