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Final lipstick application minutes before the Eureka! presentation on Thursday. (at Richard J Riordan Central Library)

I’m impressed by @lipstickonteeth’s dedication to her job. Look at that angry phone call! (at Los Angeles Public Library)

Picked Alamo up from his surgery yesterday! He got his loose screws removed… teehee. Thanks, Dr. Lo! (at Advanced Critical Care-Los Angeles)

This is what happens in the middle of the night at the Ace. (at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles)

@flyingindie and I hang out in her bathtub in the Ace Hotel. We’re cool. #bff #4lyfe (at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles)

Getty Museum / Sunshine and art converge / L.A.’s cultured side #2014ihc (with help from @flyingindie) (at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles)

Identity haiku: Just add a letter / arm and metal gymnastics / spelling out my name #2014ihc (at HD Buttercup)

Donut in the sky / sweet smells infiltrate my nose / delicious u.f.o. #2014ihc (at Randy’s Donuts)

A haiku for @smillangue & @flyingindie: Visitors are cold / winds whip through Beverly Hills / sun is almost gone #2014ihc (at Beverly Hills, California)

Haiku to honor @jonhatesyou’s aging and @b6421’s Snapchat documentation:
Cat onesie and beard / this is really happening / typical Austin

Durant reading room/ Please don’t wake me, librarian/ Literary dreams.
An emoji haiku contributed to #2014ihc by John Frank, my supervisor. (at Will & Ariel Durant Branch Library)

Curiosity / Homemade drone with flashing lights / Draws bystanders in. #2014ihc

A haiku for @klauber901: Friends since college dorms / now older and busier / ice cream makes us smile. #2014ihc

Waking up today/ I hit the snooze frequently/ I’m out of coffee #2014ihc (at Haus of Tzu)

Chinatown lights. (at Chinatown, Los Angeles)