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A weekend of reflection & reading. There’s some work ahead. But let’s get started. (at noble tzu)

Afternoon Alamo snuggles! The grump is not amused. I feel like he (barely) tolerates my antics. (at The Noble Tzu)

We’re hitting up all the food trends. Ramen burger, please! Dog in tow, of course. (at The Original Ramen Burger)

My afternoon - dealing with flat tires on a rental. Thank goodness for AAA. (at Bellevue Park)

So @natzingg & I have spent years being friendly baseball rivals - my favorite Giants fan. Our banter is never old. Go Blue! (at Dodger Stadium)

Andrew Bird. 🎻❤️ (at Hollywood Bowl)

Being a tourist in Venice. I see why folks like to hang out here. (at Venice Skatepark)

Eating ice cream. There’s a point to life. (at Scoops Westside)

Fancy hipster brunch for the LA tourist. @missbaileycool inhaled her breakfast after this photo. (at Sqirl)

My mailbox contained more than bills & junk mail this week; I received TWO lovely thank you cards. My people have really been there for me during this difficult month. <3 (at The Noble Tzu)

Special delivery from @armenianthunder at the YA Information meeting. Bittersweet; wish Marc was attending with me. Stupid sickness. (at Downtown Los Angeles Central Library)

I won the prize for knowing the most styles of mustaches at @karialire’s baby shower. I want to thank @jonhatesyou & other AFHC members for enlightening me over beer and whiskey. (at Glendale, California)

Best day. Touring breweries in Torrance with @celiiiiiaaaaa, @pbearatx, & @cdssc47. (at Torrance, California)

My face in this karaoke bar. When I stopped going to Ego’s, I lost my ability to deal with aspiring starlets/drunk folks. (at Caffe Brass Monkey)

You’re welcome. (at Melrose And La Brea)